Some of my Works

Slovenian Potica, Apple cinnamon ,  Butterscotch, Chocolate Chip, Hot Pepper, Pineapple Coconut, Zucchini nut, Mint /Chocolate Chip, Cherry,lemon Raspberry, Apricot,  Lemon/Poppyseed, Pumpkin, Nut/Raisin, Sweet Potato, Strawberry Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Banana,  , M & M, Banana Lemon, 
(new)lemon raseberry, white cholocolet,)  Caramel Apple, Peanut Butter apple , Snickers, Irish specialty  Peach,  Please ask for other flavors if we can make it for you .  All breads are Approximately    91/2 inch long. 4 1/2 inch  wide and 2 1/2 inch  thick. Poticas and poppyseeds are $18. Each.. all others are $12.
   There may be new flavors at any time, so please check back.

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